проектирование ресторанов, столовых
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Компания EQ-VIP – оборудование, проектирование ресторанов, столовых
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"Eq-VIP" Company today is:
Individual way of work with every customer
Execution of restaurant technological project. Design of public catering establishments of any kind (restaurants, canteens, food processing enterprises, fast food cafe, bakeries projecting etc.)
Deliveries of Afinox refrigerating equipment and buffets, Rivacold block-system refrigerating equipment
A wide range of furniture, cooking wares, fine china, kitchen utensils for restaurant, cafe and bar
Delivery of high quality German equipment -  MKN, AlexanderWerk, Alexander Solia, HansDampf, MIWE
complex equipping of restaurants, canteens, food processinig enterprises, fast food cafe, bakeries etc
All range of restaurant and catering equipment service

Work technique

Reading this page you can learn more about "Eq-VIP" Company work technique and get to know the main stages of the work. Concerning the construction works stage, the best time to start our cooperation is the initial stage. It is the perfect time, because there is the possibility of needed room and engineering services placement according to technological flow principals and existing normative documents requirements. Late applying to the professional designers can cause enormous additional expenses and reconstruction of the building and engineering services that had been built.
Dear Customers! To save your time, strength and money please pay attention to professionals’ opinion. Here we will try to illustrate you the following steps of our cooperation:

Stage 1. Preliminary.

  • The Customer hands us the floor plans and informs about his desires concerning the equipment and type of the catering enterprise. 
  • We help the Customer to outline the technical task with the main features of catering enterprise, its logistics, preliminary menu, the way of guest service and other data needed. According to technical task, we work out a room plan (several versions possible), that comprises all the necessary set of workshops and rooms with their area according to existing norms and rules.
  • The Customer chooses the most desirable version of project. 
  • We discuss the technical, financial and logistical sides of the project with the Customer.

Stage 2. Technnological projecting.

  • We sign the contract on technological projecting of HoReCa enterprise with the Customer.  Technical task and planned schedule of realization are brought in the enclosure.
  • Together with the Customer we get preliminary approval of the project in Rospotrebnadzor institution.
  • We work out the Work project with all the engineering communications and services planned.
  • In cooperation with the customer we refine the equipment, materials and parts specification. 
  • We hand over the work done to the customer.

Technological project is a subject of obligatory approval by Rospotrebnadzor institution. The set of documents consists of equipment and furniture plan, drawings with all the communication to the equipment, equipment and furniture specification, explanatory paper with the projecting license attached.

Stage 3. Equipment deliveries.


  • Together with the Customer we sign the contact on equipment delivery and installation.
  • The Customer controls the construction work, paying much attention to room sizes and engineering services accuracy. 
  • We deliver the equipment and furniture on advance payment terms.

Stage 4. Installation, starting up and adjustment.

  • We install the equipment, start it up and make adjustments necessary. We make assemblage of all the furniture.
  • The Customer takes over the equipment and furniture by the acceptance certificate.

Stage 5. Service.

On the Customer's choice we can sign the contract on after-sales service of the equipment installed. The period covered by guarantee meets the contract terms.

NOTE: The pace of work of other project participants and builders can substantially influence on duration of our work.


June 16, 2009

Despite of the Economic Crisis influence and some decries in sales, Eq-ViP Company successfully continues development of the main profile directions

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February 16, 2009

"Our projects" page has been filled with new photos of projects equipped with furniture, billiards tables bar counters and technological equipment of Modular, Afinox, MKN, HansDampf, and Rivacold brands

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June 10, 2008

EQ-VIP Company authorized dealer certificate of refrigerating equipment manufacturer  - AFINOX Company

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